Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Björn and his marrow

The first post of 2012 is a little off-topic, not being strictly from the memoirs, but the last ones have all been quite text-heavy, so I thought I'd start the year with a picture:

This is Björn. He has successfully grown a marrow from seeds my Grandmother - Socialist Sybil to you - sent him. I know this because on the back of this picture is the note, "Björn successfully grows marrow from seeds I sent to Sweden," in Grandma's handwriting. Quite why this is written as though it's a newspaper headline ("Stop the presses! Björn has grown a marrow!"), I'm not sure - nor am I sure when or why Grandma had such a surplus of marrow seeds that she sent her excess to Sweden, and I don't know who Björn is. His picture was in with a collection of mostly holiday snaps my Dad kept from Grandma's house when she died, with notes on the back like, "Sybil and Vi, with French acquaintances," but this one wasn't in a labelled envelope like the rest, so I have no way to tell how or when they got to know each other, but I was intrigued by the mysterious Mr. Björn, and thought success of any kind seemed like a good note to start the year on, so here we are.

Normal blog service will resume shortly (possibly after I've dug myself out from underneath the paperslide-in-waiting of undone work that is currently my room, and/or packed to go back to Oxford).
In the meantime, Happy New Year everybody. May all your 2012 endeavours be as successful as Björn's marrow-growing.

Rachel x

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  1. I think we need to track down Bjorn..he seems a fine figure of a man. And a lovely story! xXx